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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fallen Hero

Green Lantern - Fallen Hero
Green Lantern goes on a crime extravaganza, and Virgil is disappointed that one of his heroes has turned bad. While on patrol, Static and Gear run into Green Lantern and try to talk to him. When that doesn't work, they try to capture him but fail. The real Green Lantern appears in Dakota to stop the fake, who is Sinestro in disguise. Sinestro wants to ruin Green Lantern's reputation on Earth. Static and Gear manage to capture the real GL and send him to prison. Sinestro searches for Green Lantern's power ring, but Green Lantern hid it on Static and Sinestro goes looking for him. When Static finds the ring, he talks to Green Lantern and learns the truth. Static powers Green Lanterm's ring so he can defeat Sinestro.

My Review:

This episode focuses on Green Lantern as a real Justice League Superhero. What I like on this episode is that I able to see the different amazing powers of his ring and what does the ring can do for Green Lantern and Sinestro. In fleeting, many people in the story which include Static Shock and Gear thought that Green Lantern had changed and turned into Bad superhero. Keeping watching the episode “Fallen Hero”, Static Shock and Gear tried to stop the fake Green Lantern until the real Green Lantern arrived at Dakota and find out that the fake one is Sinestro. Sinestro wants to destroys the reputation of Johnny as Green Lantern superhero and he wanted also to get his ring because Sinestro are mad for all of his kind that’s why he collected all the rings of all he defeated Green Lantern’s.

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