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Monday, October 29, 2007

Injustice For All

This is one of the most anticipated episodes of the first season was Injustice for All. So anticipated, that it actually held back and shown out of order to help lead into the second season. Injustice for All marks the debut of Superman’s archnemesis, Lex Luthor. In his never-ending search to destroy the Man of Steel, Luthor unwittingly exposes himself to kryptonite radiation and discovers that he doesn’t have much time left to live. Before he dies, he has only one final goal, to kill the Justice League. Luthor recruits his own team of superbeings, The Ultra-Humanite, Copperhead, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, and The Shade.
Luthor and his ‘Injustice Gang’ lure the League into a trap and try to kill them. They soon find themselves overpowered and out of their league (pun intended), and are force to retreat, but not before Copperhead manages to go severely poison Batman. Superman forbids Batman to leave the satellite until he recovers, but Batman pays little heed to his orders and follows a tracer he placed on Luthor. However, Batman is unaware that his archnemesis, The Joker has joined the gang, and has planned a trap for him. The episode fades out with the Injustice Gang standing over Batman’s broken body’ The conclusion to Injustice for All begins with Luthor trying to get Batman’s access key to the Justice League’s Headquarters. Luthor has little luck interrogating Batman but he manages to get what he needs from Batman’s utility belt. Meanwhile, Superman and the Flash get no answers from Copperhead. The gang uses Batman’s access key to sneak into the satellite and take out J’onn. They plant a bomb and leave. When the rest of the league arrives, they receive a mystery phone call that tells them about the bomb. Flash manages to clear the bomb just in time. Batman manages to alert the League to the gang’s location, and the League moves in for a final confrontation.

The League manages to capture most of the gang, but Luthor, Joker and the Humanite. Luthor outfits himself with a kryptonite suit that takes advantage of his ‘condition’ and is about to finish off Superman when the Humanite turns on him. Meanwhile the Joker heads back for Batman, but Batman escapes and takes out the Clown Prince of Crime. Humanite reveals that he was the one who betrayed the gang, because Batman offered him twice that Luthor was offering.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Enemy Below

This episode focuses on Aquaman world and his life which has always been an oddball in the Justice League. He doesn’t get much respect, because all he does is swim fast and talk to fish, yet most people forget that he’s the king of the oceans, which is hardly a title to scoff at. In The Enemy Below, Aquaman, makes his triumphant return to television as a badass that few would want to contend with. That why this episode opens with Aquaman and his army attacking a nuclear sub. They disable and detain the sub. The League comes to the sub’s rescue, and Aquaman allows them to rescue the men, but not the sub itself. The League balks at leaving a nuclear sub with Aquaman, but it’s forced to comply. Superman convinces Aquaman, to voice his concerns to the rest of the world and Aquaman agrees.

The world’s governments won’t bend to Aquaman’s demands, and as he leaves in anger, an assassin attacks Aquaman, seriously injuring him. Aquaman manages to recover with Batman’s help, and is anxious to go back home. The League helps Aquaman to find out the attack and discovers that an Atlantean was behind the murder that takes on. However, Aquaman leaves for home before finding out, and he returns to discover that his brother has overthrown him in his absence.

After a mundane first half, The Enemy Below ramps up the action and throws in some in some shocking events as well. The Justice League rush to Atlantis to warn Aquaman of the Atlantean traitor, but they are too late. The League falls to the Atlantean army, and Orm decides to carry out them. However, before the Leaguers can drown, Mera, Aquaman’s wife saves them and in return the League agrees to help Mera find her husband.

Meanwhile, Orm imprisons Aquaman and his son over molten lava, and Aquaman they’re forced to cut of his own hand to save his son. He returns home to deliver his son to his wife, before him and the League head off to the Arctic to stop Orm from melting the polar ice caps. A final battle between Orm and Aquaman finishes when Aquaman lets Orm fall to his death. Batman and The Green Lantern manage to stop Orm’s doomsday from melting the ice caps. In the end, Aquaman realizes the surface dwellers are not threatening Atlantis, and he must be on the lookout for real threats to Atlantis’ Safety.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wonder Woman || Princess Diana of Themyscira

Wonder Woman was fictional character in DC Comics which had first appearance in “All Star Comics” in December of 1941. Diana was an Amazon Princess from Greek mythology as reflected her name from Artemis. When she decided to leave the Amazons just to travel the world, first she was awarded several gifts by the Olympian Gods. Lasso of Truth that created from the golden Girdle of Gaea and the indestructible bracelet/gauntlets coming from shield Aegis. Because of that, she been describe in many ways; as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Mercury and stronger than Hercules.

Publisher: DC Comics Created By: William Moulton
Real Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira
  • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and hearing
  • Flight
  • Superior hand-to-hand and weapons combat skills
  • Animal empathy
  • Regeneration
  • Resistance to magic
  • Immunity to illusions and mind control
  • Ability to discern truth Access to magical weaponry

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In Blackest Night

The group does refuse to accept John’s confession, and Superman and Martian Manhunter rush to find out Adjuris 4. Hawkgirl and Flash had left to defend their teammate. Hawkgirl manages to goad some of the Green Lanterns to testify in favor of John, and even the Guardians, the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, come to the aid of John. However, everything is for naught because the council still finds John guilty and sentences him to death. Superman and J’onn manage to find one of Adjuris 4’s moons and discover that a holo-projector has erected to create the illusion that Adjuris 4 destroyed. They find out that Kanjar Ro is responsible and quickly head back to the trial. They save John from death just in time, and Kanjar Ro reveals that Manhunters paid him to frame John.

On the other hand, Guardians reveal that Manhunters were originally the protectors of the universe before the Green Lanterns. They were unsuccessful, so they demoted them to other duties. The Manhunters’ jealousy of the Lanterns caused them to rebel against the Guardians, and now they are on their way to destroy Oa, the planet of the Guardians and home of the Green Lantern Power Battery. The League, Lanterns and Guardians rush to Oa to defend their home, and after a long fight, John manages to defeat the main Manhunter, and the rest of them fall shortly after.

Hundreds of trials take place everyday, but how often superhero brought to test In Blackest Night, begins with an intergalactic courtroom sending for a group of robots just to track down and arrest The Green Lantern. The Manhunters meet with resistance from the League, but John surrenders himself over voluntarily. The League can’t believe it and use J’onn’s telepathic skills to track him down, to a planet called Aduris 5. They arrive and interrupt the trial, but they’re invited to stay. Meanwhile, Kanjar-Ro testifies that Green Lantern was arresting him. When one of his energy blasts ricocheted off a ship and into the volcanic fault line of Adruis 4, causing a chain reaction which resulted to destruct the planet, and the loss of three billion lives. The entire League shocked, and believes that pirate is lying, but Green Lantern confirms the impossible but then still guilty.

Description: Green Lantern surrenders himself to robotic Manhunters to stand trial for the destruction of a planet. While Flash acts as John's attorney, the rest of the League discovers that Kanjar Ro actually helped the Manhunters frame John.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Batman || The Dark Knight

Batman is a fictional comic character who had first appearance in Detective Comic during on May 1939. Batman true identity was Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy image and philanthropist. During his young age he witnesses the murder of his parents that leads him to train himself to physical and intellectual perfection in order for him to fight crime. Unlike on other super heroes, he does not have any super powers; he makes to use his intellect, detective skills, technology, wealth, his physical strength and intimidation in his war on crime.

Publisher: DC Comics Created By: Bob Kane and Bill Finger
Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence, Master detective, Peak human physical condition, Martial arts master and access to high-tech equipment.

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