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Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Blackest Night

The group does refuse to accept John’s confession, and Superman and Martian Manhunter rush to find out Adjuris 4. Hawkgirl and Flash had left to defend their teammate. Hawkgirl manages to goad some of the Green Lanterns to testify in favor of John, and even the Guardians, the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, come to the aid of John. However, everything is for naught because the council still finds John guilty and sentences him to death. Superman and J’onn manage to find one of Adjuris 4’s moons and discover that a holo-projector has erected to create the illusion that Adjuris 4 destroyed. They find out that Kanjar Ro is responsible and quickly head back to the trial. They save John from death just in time, and Kanjar Ro reveals that Manhunters paid him to frame John.

On the other hand, Guardians reveal that Manhunters were originally the protectors of the universe before the Green Lanterns. They were unsuccessful, so they demoted them to other duties. The Manhunters’ jealousy of the Lanterns caused them to rebel against the Guardians, and now they are on their way to destroy Oa, the planet of the Guardians and home of the Green Lantern Power Battery. The League, Lanterns and Guardians rush to Oa to defend their home, and after a long fight, John manages to defeat the main Manhunter, and the rest of them fall shortly after.

Hundreds of trials take place everyday, but how often superhero brought to test In Blackest Night, begins with an intergalactic courtroom sending for a group of robots just to track down and arrest The Green Lantern. The Manhunters meet with resistance from the League, but John surrenders himself over voluntarily. The League can’t believe it and use J’onn’s telepathic skills to track him down, to a planet called Aduris 5. They arrive and interrupt the trial, but they’re invited to stay. Meanwhile, Kanjar-Ro testifies that Green Lantern was arresting him. When one of his energy blasts ricocheted off a ship and into the volcanic fault line of Adruis 4, causing a chain reaction which resulted to destruct the planet, and the loss of three billion lives. The entire League shocked, and believes that pirate is lying, but Green Lantern confirms the impossible but then still guilty.

Description: Green Lantern surrenders himself to robotic Manhunters to stand trial for the destruction of a planet. While Flash acts as John's attorney, the rest of the League discovers that Kanjar Ro actually helped the Manhunters frame John.

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