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Monday, October 29, 2007

Injustice For All

This is one of the most anticipated episodes of the first season was Injustice for All. So anticipated, that it actually held back and shown out of order to help lead into the second season. Injustice for All marks the debut of Superman’s archnemesis, Lex Luthor. In his never-ending search to destroy the Man of Steel, Luthor unwittingly exposes himself to kryptonite radiation and discovers that he doesn’t have much time left to live. Before he dies, he has only one final goal, to kill the Justice League. Luthor recruits his own team of superbeings, The Ultra-Humanite, Copperhead, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, and The Shade.
Luthor and his ‘Injustice Gang’ lure the League into a trap and try to kill them. They soon find themselves overpowered and out of their league (pun intended), and are force to retreat, but not before Copperhead manages to go severely poison Batman. Superman forbids Batman to leave the satellite until he recovers, but Batman pays little heed to his orders and follows a tracer he placed on Luthor. However, Batman is unaware that his archnemesis, The Joker has joined the gang, and has planned a trap for him. The episode fades out with the Injustice Gang standing over Batman’s broken body’ The conclusion to Injustice for All begins with Luthor trying to get Batman’s access key to the Justice League’s Headquarters. Luthor has little luck interrogating Batman but he manages to get what he needs from Batman’s utility belt. Meanwhile, Superman and the Flash get no answers from Copperhead. The gang uses Batman’s access key to sneak into the satellite and take out J’onn. They plant a bomb and leave. When the rest of the league arrives, they receive a mystery phone call that tells them about the bomb. Flash manages to clear the bomb just in time. Batman manages to alert the League to the gang’s location, and the League moves in for a final confrontation.

The League manages to capture most of the gang, but Luthor, Joker and the Humanite. Luthor outfits himself with a kryptonite suit that takes advantage of his ‘condition’ and is about to finish off Superman when the Humanite turns on him. Meanwhile the Joker heads back for Batman, but Batman escapes and takes out the Clown Prince of Crime. Humanite reveals that he was the one who betrayed the gang, because Batman offered him twice that Luthor was offering.

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