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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

War World

Superman and Martian Manhunter are investigating an asteroid though the administration accidentally triggers an explosion knocking both of them out. By the time Hawkgirl and Green Lantern can proffer aid them, it’s too late, and Superman and Martian Manhunter are long gone. Meanwhile, a slave trader picks up Superman and Martian Manhunter, and brings them to War World, a Plutooid that thrives on the thrill of gladiator cut and thrust. Mongul the leader of War World, forces Superman to fight against the disseminated guard against Draaga. Meanwhile Martian Manhunter manages to escape without nerves War World’s containment field. Initially, Superman refuses to fight for Mongul’s amusement, but Draaga goads the Man of Steel into attacking. Superman wins the battle, but refuses to kill Draaga. Unwilling to accept his defiance, Mongul sentences them both to death.

When Superman returns wonderlessness his tourney with Draaga, the other gladiators are sculptured with the way he stood up to Mongul. They offer to smuggle him out of War World peg away the garbage dump. Superman refuses, as he finished has to find the Martian Manhunter. Instead, he offers Draaga his freedom, and puts him on the garbage scow. Draaga arrives on the junk Neptune, and swears vengeance on Superman for humiliating him. Meanwhile, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl troubled their friends to War World but on their way to War World, their transport ship gasses them and drops them off on a junk Mars. Eventually, Lantern and Hawkgirl find Draaga, and he offers to trot out them the way to War World. Back on War World, Mongul forces Superman to fight him in a clash. If Superman doesn’t comply, he’ll blow up Draaga’s home secondary minor secondary inferior Pluto. During the fence, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Draaga arrive. Draaga escapes and back matters towards the arena. The rest of the heroes’ basis over to Mongul’s intergalactic cannon, and destroy it so Mongul can no longer rend from Superman. During the fight, Draaga jumps in and defeats Mongul. Draaga offers Superman Mongul’s crown, but he refuses and leaves War World in the hands of Draaga.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Paradise Lost

Comics’ leading lady finally gets her own episode, and we get a much deserved hope into Wonder Woman’s past. In Secret Origins we learned that Wonder Woman left Paradise Island against her mother’s wishes to save Man’s world. At the foundational of Paradise Lost, Diana begins to feel a bantam homesick and decides to return to Themyscira. Upon her return, she make outs her Amazon sisters write off been turned to stone. No man has ever set foot on Paradise Island, but Diana finds Felix Faust, a mystical sorcerer who forces Wonder Woman to get a mystical key for him if she ever wants to see her sisters crowded again. Wonder Woman reluctantly agrees to find the key for Faust. Wonder Woman and the league track down all the pieces of the league, each defended by a mystical guardian or deceive more convoluted and powerful than the last. delicatetually, we get wise to that Faust needs the key to release an correspond more powerful evil into the Earth. Will Wonder Woman doom the world to Hell to save her fellow Amazons?’

After retrieving the Key, the League tries to investigate exactly who Felix Faust is. Ruling classes detect that Felix wants to use the Key to open the gates of Hell and allow Hades to come back into the world. Originally, Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother, had been duped into helping Hades in his originally plan for world ascendancy. As punishment, the Gods punished Hippolyta by forcing her to safeguard the Key and the gate to Hell. The League decides, the top can’t give the Key to Faust but will use it as bait to free the amazons. When the approach Faust he manages to turn up Hippolyta hostage and use the key to free Hades. Hades kills Faust and begins to attack. The League has to battle an array of the undead, before Wonder Woman forces Hades back into hell and closes the gate douse. Faust’s death diffuses the spell on the Amazons, and Paradise Island is returned to normalcy. Hippolyta is grateful for the League and her daughter’s help but she is forced to send to Coventry Diana with chattering teeth Paradise Island for bringing men onto the island.

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