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Monday, December 17, 2007


There’s no secret on the world of Superhero and Super Villain are all male dominated, that’s why Fury Bruce Tim and his company were decided to give Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl a chance to shine! The episode it revolved around this Super villains such are Aresia who’s a rogue Amazon who gathered Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire and Nightshade from the Injustice Group. Aresia also recruits Tsukuri a female Ninja coming from unknown origin. Hawlgirl went to Paradise Island just to ask Hippolyta about the origin of Aresia and because of her investigation, she found out that Aresia is not really born in Amazon. She is coming from a shipwreck that washed up her into Paradise Island that found out by the Amazons where they decided to help and train her with the Amazons powers.

Meanwhile, Aresia continues to get various items and creates a weird potion. She betrays her group of villains when she attacks them with the potion. However, only the male members of her group are affected. The Flash was also infected in a battle with Aresia. On Paradise Island, Hawkgirl makes a startling discovery that Aresia has been studying germ fighting. Arestia’s pestilence begins to take full effect, and men begin falling ill. It doesn’t take long for the male members of the League to fall victim as well, and soon it are up to Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl to overpower Arestia. Meanwhile only Tasukuri and Star Sapphire are left on Arestia’s group, but Star Sapphire changes her mind when she discover of Aressia’s crazy plan because what the leaguers said to her.

On the other hand, Hippolyta confronts Aressia, but Arestia refuses to listen and kidnaps the queen. With the help of Star Sapphire, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl goes to Arestia’s hideout where she plans to use a plane to infect the rest of the world. Star Sapphire then turns on the Leaguers, but doesn’t stop them from pursing Arestia’s plane. On the plane Hippolyta reveals that he is the one who saved Arestia and brought her to Paradise Island. The man died, who’s the only man that lived on Paradise Island. Arestia still doesn’t budge, and a fight breaks out. During the, the missile doors become jammed. Arestia refuses to leave the plane and she dies in the explosion.

You may watch the full episode under the courtesy of Youtube that been posted by one of their members. (Part 1/4) | (Part 2/4) | (Part 3/4) | (Part 4/4)

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold was first used to describe the team-up of Batman and another hero. Since then it has often referenced the teaming of Green Lantern and the Flash. The phrase was generally used to describe Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, but this episode gives us and betide to see if Jon and Wally live up to their predecessors. Flash starts the day off doing what he does best, eating and impressing girls. Soon a runaway truck snaps Flash into doings, and he’s soon pulling the drivers out of shiftiness. Green Lantern arrives to deter out, and they bare that the drivers were get away within nuclear canisters, yet have no recollection of what they did.

In an even stranger event, GL and Flash endure a runaway gorilla who knows how to drive a car and talk. Flash tries to chase per the gorilla, but a scientist zaps him with a mind abate ray. proper to coming to, Flash matures that someone used him to fleece angel the plutonium. GL and Flash try to reason the point the gorilla they booted earlier. He talks, and explains that he comes from Gorilla City, a apartment that is hidden from human civilization by a gigantic force field. His name is Solvar, and he’s trying to track down an evil gorilla super genius, Grid. Solvar has headbands that can succor against Grid’s mind be-all and end-all but Flash leaps into brush precluding coaxing one. Jon and Solvar arrive in time to blockage Grid, but Grid uses Flash to provide mischaracterizations and get away. Grid activates a blueprint and presumably removes Central City from the boastfulness of the earth’.

On the Watchtower the rest of the Justice League is immediately alerted to the AWOL of Central City. They comment upon and find that Central City is actually tended my imponderable force field. Batman alerts I myself to a similar occurrence in Africa. The League leaves to search into. Meanwhile, assist woodsy in Central City, Flash and Green Lantern are left to fend for bureaucracy selves in a city mind-button led by Grid. They try to close off Grid from launching missiles at Gorilla City, but they fail. Lantern heads off agreeably to the missiles leaving Solvar and Flash to defeat Grid. At Gorilla City, the rest of the League finally sell one on the Gorillas that they’re there to deputy and aren’t spies. The League manages to take out the missiles and Flash manages to outwit Grid. The Gorillas thank The League, and reveal that Grid has been left a brain dead vegetable.

Click the link below for the video of this episode courtesy of one of the members of YouTube and broadcast by Cartoon Network... (Part 1/4 | Part 2/4 | Part 3/4 | Part 4/4)

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