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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Knight of Shadows

The story of this episode focused on the return of Etrigan! Knight of Shadows begins with a flashback to our favorite Demon’s origin. It seems as if back during the Camelot days, Jason Blood was a knight in King Arthur’s court. Seduced by Morganie Le Fay, Jason Blood betrays his master and allows Le Fay to invade Camelot. As punishment, the wizard Merlin binds Blood to the demon Etrigan. Fast-forwarding to the present, Morgaine Le Fay has returned and is searching for the Philosopher’s stone that Merlin hid from her years ago. She seeks to use the stone to bring back Camelot, so her son Mordred can climb to the throne. Blood senses danger and enlists the help of Batman. After their first tussle with Le Fay, Batman enlists the help of the Justice League. Etrigan reveals that Le Fay has an amulet that warns her of his presence. J’onn volunteers to use his telepathy to track down Le Fay, but he soon discovers that Le Fay’s powers dwarf his own. J’onn finds himself a victim of Le Fay’s illusions, and she has him believing that he is back on Mars with his family. Etrigan manages to pull him out. Meanwhile, both parties track the philosopher’s stone down to two people. Flash and Wonder Woman go to invest a millionaire playboy, who looks suspiciously like Hugh Hefner. Batman, J’onn and Etrigan go to the other source, but finds that he does not have the stone. Morgaine meets them there, and in the following battle, she controls J’onn and injures Batman in the course.

The episode continues with J’onn apologizing to Batman for his distracted in their previous battle with Morgaine. Meanwhile Flash and Wonder Woman discover that Harv Hickman has been using the philosopher’s stone to get the money and women. Just as Wonder Woman is about to bring back the stone, Morgaine arrives and nearly captures the stone. Etrigan arrives in just time and he manages to hold of Morgaine long enough for Wonder Woman to take the stone back to the Watchtower. While in the Watchtower, J’onn continues to be manipulating by Morgaine. Morgaine sends an army of ogres to attack the League, giving her time to convince J’onn to bring her the stone. Meanwhile, Etrigan had teleports the League to J’onn’s location for a final battle with Morgaine. On the final Battle, Morgaine manages to defeat the League, and J’onn manages to defeat Etrigan by telepathically affecting Etrigan’s mind and forcing him to revert to Jason Blood. My reading Etrigan’s mind, J’onn realizes that Morgaine is evil and that even if she resurrects his family, it’s not worth the price. J’onn crushes the philosopher’s stone and Morgaine leaves with the promise to return.

Here's the links of the three parts series of
Justice League which been posted by one of the members of YouTube. (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Justice League VS Avengers Justice League Villains
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What do you think will happen if the Justice League, the superhero of the new generation meets up the superheroes from the past’? Legends are the most anticipated team-up between the Justice League and the Justice Society of America. In the copyright issues of DC Comics, the JSA was changed into Justice Guild of America because of being upset from the way the JSA would have portrayed but customarily of the heroes in JGA are influence by the JSA.

In the middle of a fight between one of Luthor’s giant robots and the League of heroes, an accident involving Flash’s super speed and an explosion that causes Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkgirl, and Martian Manhunter to be transported into another dimension. In the new world where they’ve transported, Most of the people are nauseatingly nice to each other as well as the villains are outrageous and the heroes are all the more so. The League initially battles the Guild, but they soon be apprised of that they are on the same side. Eventually the Injustice Guild sends superego a letter threatening to commit crimes that Earth, Wind, and Fire.

In League and Guild band off and split up to take down the Injustice Guild. During the battles, Hawkgirl get knocked out and lands in a cemetery. Shockingly, she discovers the tombstones of the entire Justice Guild! The first half of Legends was upbeat and peppy; reminding us of the Golden Age of comics, where bad guys never did anything too mean and the good guys did everything with a smile on their air. It ended on a dark note as Hawkgirl discovered the Justice Guild of America’s Gravestones.

In the second part of this episode it begins with Flash and Black Siren in the clutches of the Injustice Guild. As the Justice Guild rushes off to save their friends, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern try to discover the secrets of the Guild. Lantern questions an ice-cream truck driver and digests that he’s always cutting the truck, but nobody ever buys from him. The driver suddenly becomes worried that ‘he’ will wreak havoc on the power elite and runs away. Lantern and Hawkgirl explore a library but discover all the books are empty. On reaching the newspaper drawer, they punch through a wall and discover the ruins of a modern city. On finding some newspaper clippings they discover that the world was ravaged in a war, and the Guild died saving the city.

Lantern and Hawkgirl confront the JGA just the same they get back, but initially the JGA doesn’t believe it. Martian Manhunter reveals that it was Ray, the kid who follows the JGA on their adventures, who is behind the fake city. Ray freaks out and reveals his true form. Ray manages to defeat the Justice League, but the while ever the JGA turns against him, Ray doesn’t stand a chance. Since the Guild is a creation of Ray, in what period they beat him they’ll kill their selves. The League decided to give up their lives to save the world as they finally defeated Ray and the illusion Seaboard city has disappears and all its residents come out. The people of the residents were very thankful to the League for defeating Ray, and although the city is in shambles they look forward to rebuilding and learning from their mistakes. Green Lantern discovers that Tom Turbine forsooth did start on a dimensional portal. Lantern uses his ring to power the hatchway and get returns to their world.

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