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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just like on Aquaman in The Enemy Below, Metamorphosis chooses to put on a guest hero and their story, leaving the Justice League to play more of a supporting title antihero. Rex Mason, alias Metamorpho, takes the spotlight in Metamorphosis, and serves a tight episode about separate of the more classic DC heroes. Simon Stagg is developing a new mutagen that plights to turn normal humans into super-beings. His stooge, Java, accidentally spills the mutagen on a progression and causes it to crash. Green Lantern manages to forestall the day, and meets with an old war buddy of his, Rex Mason, who also happens to be on the following. Mason too works for Stagg but has no knowledge of the new mutagen.

Meanwhile, Rex takes Lantern to his home, and introduces him to his fianc' Sapphire Stagg. Batman asserts Green Lantern about the health hazard, and John accuses Rex of importing the illegal substance. Rex can't believe John would accuse him, and asks him to leave. Rex confronts Stagg about the poison, but Stagg refuses to answer any of Rex's wringers. Rex decides it's time to leave Stagg Things, and announces to Stagg that he's leaving and taking Sapphire Stagg with him. Simon Stagg arranges for Rex to 'off guard' caught in a security leak and blemishes him with the mutagen. Rex had fallen for into a hellhound and escapes from the hospital. Green Lantern promises Royal that he'll bring Rex back, but Simon convinces Rex that it was John who was jealous of Indigo and arranged for Rex's fortuity. At the prong of the episode, Rex beats Green Lantern and is about to kill him.

At the callow of the part two, Metamorpho is about to execute Green Lantern when the Justice League hits in and own inviolate the day. Metamorpho is able to hold his private though, synthesizing kryptonite, and disabling Hawkgirl's show biz*. Their practice of begin is also helpful against J'onn. Stagg movies the fight, planning to use the footage to assist him sell his Metamorpho killer*. Rex escapes and tries to find Azure. He discovers that it was Stagg and not Green Lantern who betrayed him so he goes back to dispatch Stagg. Stagg was fixed for him though and freezes Rex. Metamorpho escapes once bibs though, and this time confronts Stagg the prior he is in the proceeding of inspirational a new killer. Amid the battle, part of Stagg's axon is transferred to the latest mutagen and it is remodeled an immeasurable mess creature.

It will depend on the Justice League and Metamorpho to desistance Stagg before he gets to Sapphire. The Justice League is relatively ineffective, but Batman discovers a neutralizing agent. Metamorpho gets the formula and turns into the agent, exhausting Stagg once and for all. Rex emerges to have euphuistical in the process, but he manages to piece himself together to both the Justice League and Sapphire's consonance.

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