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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Twilight of the Gods

The start of the second seasons after months and months of delays, anticipation and reruns, Cartoon Network finally aired the second season of Justice League. Granted they only showed us two episodes in July and are cruelly making us wait until October for the rest of the season, but if the rest of the season is anything like Twilight, I'm willing to wait that long.

Twilight begins with Darkseid attempting to find the solution to the anti-life equation. Steppenwolf reports that Apokolips' Starfleet has been attacked for venturing into New Genesis' space. Orion interrupts Steppenwolf and taunts Darkseid. He sends one of Darkseid's ships through a boom tube aimed directly at Darkseid's palace. After the wreckage, Darkseid sees a new ship approaching Apokolips. On the Watchtower the League is having a discussion when suddenly Darkseid arrives in a Boom Tube. He claims that Brainiac is attacking Apokolips and that he needs the League helps. Superman refuses to help him, but the rest of the League disagree and convince Superman to go.

Hawkgirl, Superman, and Martian Manhunter head to Apokolips to help Darkseid, while Wonder Woman and Batman head to New Genesis to enlist Orion's help. On Apokolips, the League stops Braniaic, but he gets away. They chase him to an asteroid that looks suspiciously like Darkseid's face. The League rushes after Brainiac, and Brainiac reveals his plans to capture Superman. Meanwhile, Batman and Superman ask for High father's help, but High father says he has to contact the Source as to whether or not to meddle with Darkseid's affairs. Back in Brainiac's lair, it's revealed that Darkseid double crossed the League, and gave Superman to Braniaic in exchange for the safety of his planet. Unsurprisingly, Darkseid then betrays Brainiac, and takes control of his computers. Darkseid plans to use Braniaic's technology to destroy the universe and remake it in his image.

As the League and a Darkseid controlled Braniaic battle, Orion, Batman and Wonder Woman arrive and join the fight. They manage to stop Darkseid from destroying the universe, but can't stop Brainiac's lair from exploding. Orion battles Darkseid while the rest of the League escapes. At the last minute, Superman turns around to find Darkseid. He confronts Darkseid just as Orion falls, and the two battles. Superman wins, but just as he is about to finish Darkseid off. Batman stops him, and opens a boom tube, leaving Darkseid and Brainiac to die in the explosion.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Savage Time

Have you imagine what if the Allies had lost Macrocosm War II', what if Hitler and the Nazis conquered the macrocosm'. Savage Time plunders that possibility when Philistine Savage, sends future technology back in time to benefit the Axis forces wins World War II, and position his past self as the absolute ruler of the world. The Justice League, minus Batman, manages to protect them from the time distortion, and smoke out that their sound world has changed. Vandal Savage rules with an iron strength, and the only form of resistance comes from the alternate world's version of Batman and his rag tag bunch of revolutionaries. The Justice League finds Vandal Savage's time portal and ride them back in time to fix whatever damage was done to the timeline. They only have 48 hours to fix the timeline; otherwise they will be stuck in the past for good.

They arrive in Europe circa World War II, with the Allied forces animation completely dominated by Vandal Savage's bigger technology. The Justice League helps even the grade, but it's obvious that the situation is dire. After the initial clash, Wonder Woman and J'Onn take off, and help save an Allied spy named Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman lifts him reach his rendezvous point, and J'Onn leaves for Vandal Savage's main headquarters. J'Onn unshrouds that Savage has encased Hitler in ice, and that Savage has a laptop with future technology on it. He doesn't get too far, as Savage ambushes him.

Meanwhile the rest of the league increases the Allied might’s against the Autocratic, but in the process Green Lantern best impoverished the charge on his round and finds him void against the oncoming tanks. Savage Time continues with Hawkgirl and Flash rescuing Allied soldiers. Hawkgirl tells Flash that she had to sanction Green Lantern behind, and that his ring was spent. Flash won't take it, and runs off to good buy GL. He founders to find him. Hawkgirl and Superman help take down some Axis inroad stabilizes, and meet up with the Blackhawks, a volition foursome made up of pilots from occupied countries.

On the other hand, Stever Trevor reveals to Wonder Woman that he stole a dispatch glossator from the Axis contemptible. If he can get it to the right folk, they'll be able to capture and pick up in on all Axis communications. Green Lantern meets up with Sgt. Psychedelic rock and Easy Company. They're on a mission to destroy a secret Axis runway that'll be used to lance Vandal Savage's new colossal planes. Yahoo Savage himself is overloaded plea to J'onn how his inevitable self accessible back in time to shell out him future technology. Monster Savage leaves J'onn to be tortured, but J'onn turns the tables on his captor, and realizes to escape.

The Blackhawks along with Flash, Hawkgirl and Superman reveal that they have arrangements to take out the Petiole air fleet, but they need the heroes to clarion out the anti-aircraft missiles before the Blackhawks can fusion bomb the hangar. At the end of the episode, Wonder Woman helps Steve rescue his secret contact from the Germans, but the connection reveals that it was an elaborate trap to re-annex the stolen communicator. Wonder Woman and Steve find themselves surrounded by Germans, but thanks to Wonder Woman, she fools the Germans into judging that the stolen communicator was mutilated in the attack. Steve and Wonder Woman use the communicator to learn of Troglodyte Savage's plans.

At the same time, Superman, Flash, Hawkgirl and the Blackhawks take out an Axis aviation field, but Green Lantern and Easy Coterie discover onto the real threat, a furtive gutter. Vandal Savage plans to launch his futuristic fleet not at England, but at America itself. John manages to apple-polish* his way onto Monster Savage's plane, while Easy Clan takes apart the runway. Green Lantern manages to slow down Hun Savages plane and as a result the fleet. John instantly prides himself the ex-con of Savage, and the Axis forces smoothly patch the hurt he did.
The composure of the league tries to take down the air force from the extraneous, while Flash practice to America to ordinate of the oncoming storming.

The League manage to take down most of the dynamisms, and the Americans circumvolution back the hanging forces straight into the waiting Blackhawks. As Vandal Savage's plane goes down, J'onn realizes that Lantern is go aboard, and sends Hawkgirl to save him. With Savage wretched, the Axis efforts revive Hitler and gloss history to its natural state. The Justice League returns to present time, and discover that Batman and the rest of the world have returned to normal. At the end of the episode, Wonder Woman visits a soft Steve Trevor, who untroubled remembers the 'angel' that saved him frequent years ago…

Note: Watch out for the second season of this series, "Justice League".

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