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Friday, April 25, 2008

Only A Dream

The episode starts when John Dee has a grandiose daydream in which he single-handedly defeats the entire Justice League with an enormous robot. He snaps out of the dream and returns to reality: he is a convict in Stryker's Prison Penitentiary. He has been volunteering as a sixpence pig for experiments with the Materioptikon, a device that gives its subject extra-sensory perception. He is eager to try an increased dose, but the scientists say that would be dangerous.

Dee is told that he has been turned down for parole; more bad news comes when his wife, Penny, says she is leaving him for another man. His chance comes when a prison riot breaks out and several dangerous inmates escape. During the riot, he breaks into the laboratory and turns on the Materioptikon to maximum. In search of the riot is quelled, Dee is print in the lab in a catatonic state. The League springs into action to retarget the escapees: Solomon Grundy, Copperhead, Volcana, Firefly, and Luminus.

Batman and John Stewart derive Volcana and Firefly, and return them to Stryker's. Batman yawns, explaining that he has gone for three days on the surface sleep. Trouble there, they are told that Dee has escaped the prison infirmary, now littered with the bodies of other men in similar catatonic states. Lantern repleteness to join the others, the instant Batman determines to track down Dee.

That night, Dee is watching the house Penny shares with her new man. Through telepathy, he appears in her dreams, adopting a new, stupefying foreignness and the honor "Dr. Destiny." Asleep, Penny begins to scream, and her man is ineffectual to wake her.

Superman, Flash, Hawkgirl, J'onn J'onzz, and Lantern are able to apprehension the remaining escapees. (Hawkgirl not quite breaks down inside a trap made of shrinking walls conjured by Luminus, meaning that she is claustrophobic). The League decides to call it a night, except for Batman, who tracks down Penny in a hospital, and J'onn, whom Batman calls in. J'onn probes Penny's mind, but is untalented to lure her out of her delusional state.He also gleans Dee's new persona, and that he wants revenge against the League. As the rest of the League falls asleep, Dr. Destiny's dismayed laughter can be heard in the background. Batman quickly calls the other members, but they are already asleep. In their dreams, each of them lives out their worst nightmare:

• Hawkgirl is trapped in a coffin and buried operative.

Flash is trapped in a world where he's moving so fast that everything and everyone in every quarter him is motionless.

Superman's powers increase beyond his ability to apparition them, and he accidentally causes massive crash and kills all those he loves, including Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White.

• John Stewart is trapped in a world where everyone is fear-struck of him, and he is powerless to understand their language or make himself understood, and the energy of his ring is consuming him from the inside.

Batman determines to track Dee down, reasoning that he has probably chosen someplace back-number as a lair. J'onn takes the other Leaguers to the Watchtower for medical attention. Hearing a news report that Penny has died as a result of Destiny's torture, J'onn decides that he has to breakers ahead incoming his teammates' minds.

Batman searches Dee's house and his regular haunts, but his un-spelled of sleep is threatening to check up with him before he can collect Dee. His computer tells him that Dee was a low-level LexCorp employee arrested in a tank for safe covering a supply of smuggled weapons, rearward a sympathize with by the League. One by one, J'onn meets his teammates in their dreams, and affects them out of their delusions. Dr. Destiny attempts to bandy with them, appearing as a giant in one dream world. Although they defeat him, Hawkgirl is assuage trapped, and Destiny focuses all his energy on blocking off her mind from J'onn's telepathy.

Batman tracks Dee down at the exchequer. Dee is close enough that he can enter Batman's mind even though he's understand, but Batman keeps him out by lyricism “Freer Jacques” over and over again. Relying partly on projecting telepathic illusions, Dee attacks Batman hand-to-hand, trying to stab him with a syringe containing a sedative. In the cross swords with, Dee accidentally injects him, and falls flaked-out. Hawkgirl annoys and sees the rest of the League gathered close by her, smiling – except for Batman, who is snoring in a nearby chair. Dee lays in the infirmary at Stryker's, catatonic, scat singing "Freer Jacques" over and over again.

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