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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Better World

The members of the Justice League are confronted by their evil doppelgangers from another dimension. In their world, the "Justice Lords" shaping with a freakish and sinister fair copy of law and order, in which the innocent suffer, while the guilty elegant variation. However the Justice Lords arrive on earth, they are confused by the values that they cannot understand -- but which they are compelled to destroy.

Justice League UnlimitedDownload

The Justice Lords, the evil counterparts of the Justice League from another dimension, have arrived on earth, intent upon either imposing their own sinister brand of law and order on the populace, or destroying the planet in the effort. Hoping to thwart the Justice Lords, the League mounts a brave but vulnerable defense. Just in what period it appears that the villains will ascendancy, the good-guy Leagues receive dance attendance upon from a most unexpected -- and highly untrustworthy.

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