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Friday, August 29, 2008


The story begins somewhere in the wasteland part of the fairness association world.

Soldiers go in the a abandoned cave that is full warnings and decapitated human skeletal components and no one understands that here in this cave lies very dark gem that has the power to command brain of any individual who possesses it and this cave has lone and vintage guardian entitled morphir.

Morphir the guardian endeavored to count the gem from fighters but he was effortlessly shoved down and with alleviate the fighter take the pebble from cave and the fighter that took the gem was owned by the power gem begins humming a odd recital take down his comrades assault up the cave and went directly to the missile groundwork and desire to use missile to decimate the world but the general was instructing the groundwork and his men halt fighter and general take the pebble and begins humming the odd song.

On the opposite edge blink was making a TV financial and drawing the wrath of both Green Lantern and the public by a talk show owner, Glorious Godfrey. When the Flash stops doing commercials his agency begins employed with Godfrey and the general sees the television report. He dons a purple costume and battles the League – Wonder Woman beatings him and choices up the pebble, and begins humming the identical tune.

While Glorious Godfrey extends to encourage abhorrence against superheroes, the League encounters Mophir, who attacks them and endeavors to murder the owned Wonder Woman. He's locked up while alert of mankind's time being "eclipsed." Convincing the Flash, Mophir notifies of a rush of serpent men who mankind labored against in prehistory. The serpent men utilized the power of an eclipse to enchant the gem and curse its bearer to try and decimate humanity. His gem can propel the essence back into the gem.

Returning to the satellite, the League discovers a famous person utilized the Javelin, and the tapes display J'onn as the culprit. The Flash values Mophir's pebble and Green Lantern is disclosed as the one possessed. Hawkgirl pulverizes the pebble . . . which drives splinters into all the Leaguers except Flash, owning them. The Flash conceals as the Leaguers launch the power stifling apparatus into the sun, designing on decimating humanity. The apparatus starts decimating the sun, conceiving an eclipse, as Flash values brilliant lightweight to free his comrades. The League need to develop a wormhole to imbibe off the power and the Flash has to use his pace, with Green Lantern's ring to give him a route, to consign the wormhole generator to the sun.

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