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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Five Superman villains pledge reprisal and wreck devastation on Metropolis to appeal him – the whole Justice League reach but, when the Toyman proceeds berserk, Superman intercepts a beam intended for Batman and Wonder Woman and is disintegrated. The villains are struck but the world proceeds into shock at the death of their utmost hero. The burial is held but Batman is assured Superman is still alive.
The League's awaken is cut off by the appearance of Lobo applying for membership. Meanwhile in Metropolis Batman extends his enquiry but is cut off by an attack of villains who swamp him. Lobo is endeavoring to verify his credentials to a reluctant League with a fight when they get phrase of events in Metropolis. With Lobo's help they organize to win . . . while in an alien countryside under a red sun, Superman lies unconscious.

Superman finds himself powerless on a wasteland planet with a red sun with the other debris that the Toyman zapped. He rigs up a vehicle and heads for the League's beacon. He shortly forges himself a sword and makes his way past wolves and gales to a jungle . . . and a smashed into Watchtower. There he is battled by Vandal Savage, who discloses they're on Earth and he decimated the Earth a couple of months after Superman's "death." Savage then interprets how he decimated the League and utilized a gravitational apparatus for conquest . . . which completed up murdering every individual additional on Earth. Savage is now the only survivor, propelled partially insane by his guilt.

Superman recognizes Savage has a time appliance but he can't use it himself – with Superman present they have a design but the power source, an artificial sun, was thieved by mutated bugs and the two should project into the creatures' lair to retrieve it. When they get to the source it refurbishes Superman's powers. Superman journeys back to just after the League have beaten the villains rampaging over Metropolis and after a joyful reunion proceeds off to avert Savage from robbing his gravitational tool for fighting from researcher Ray Palmer. And in the future Savage has a short couple of seconds of redemption as he sees a new future break into location and he and his world erased.

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