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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Secret Society

Green Lantern and J'onn foil the Shade and his henchman as they steal a lab, but Shade get aways with the help of a secret woman, Giganta. She escorts Shade to a cave where he finds he is being employed as a constituent of the "Secret Society" along with the Parasite, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, Giganta, and Killer Frost. Shade acquiesces to connect the assembly and they perform a raid on canisters encompassing Clayface held by a wealthy millionaire and collector Morgan Edge. Meanwhile, Green Lantern feels the League desires to discover to work simultaneously more competently as a group and starts a teaching regimen. Batman departs because of his distaste for the group notion and the other Leaguers aren't joyous either.

Batman pathways down Clayface and calls in the League to battle the Society and However, the Society rapidly wins due to their opponents' need of teamwork and in the aftermath, the League constituents accuse each other and part to proceed their distinct ways. The Flash endeavors to pathway down the Shade through his associates while Grodd discloses he utilized his brain power to aggravate the League's interior resentments. Flash enlists Sinestro and calls in Batman, who reaches and finds Clayface in disguise and finishes up captured. The other Leaguers except for Green Lantern are lured into a trick and assaulted by their own teaching robots and then the Society moves in, taking them out.
Green Lantern numbers out they're being supervised and sneaks in and discovers Grodd's designs, but is rapidly found out and captured. The Society commences a strike on Gotham Stadium, disclosing the apprehended Leaguers to display their strength. It turns out that J'onn took Clayface's location throughout their previous labor and the two sides’ assault on the 50 backyard line. Aware of Grodd's efforts, the League arrives simultaneously and through a blend of teamwork and ability beat the Society.

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