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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wild Cards

Batman falls short to halt the Joker from buying nationwide air time and televising his newest design - he's sown blasting apparatus through Las Vegas and dares the Justice League to halt him. The first blasting apparatus is a dud but the League shortly find the Joker has help - he's conceived his Royal Flush Gang of five super-powered persons with forces to competitor the League. After a primary battle which verifies inconclusive, the Leaguers divide up to find remainder of the blasting apparatus - Batman and Jack assault it out at one location while Ten and Superman battle at another. Hawkgirl and Green Lantern connect forces and take out Queen but with seconds to proceed to halt the blasting apparatus, Green Lantern shoves Hawkgirl out of the construction just as the blast proceeds off.
Green Lantern (barely) endures the blast, and Hawkgirl whisks him off to get health remedy regardless of Batman's orders. This departs only three Leaguers to comprise the risk and defuse the last bomb. Batman organizes to beat Jack and provokes Harley Quinn into tackling the Joker, while Superman organizes to beat the residual Gang constituents while the Flash uses himself to the limit to get the last blasting apparatus out of Las Vegas so it can harmlessly detonate. Unfortunately the Joker discloses his genuine design - to get the vigilance of as numerous viewers as likely in order that he can use the last Gang constituent, Ace, to use her power - the proficiency to propel any individual she sees reside or in announced insane. And he's captivated millions of viewers. As insanity begans to disperse, Batman reaches but even he is overwhelmed...until he organizes to disclose that the Joker kept a power-dampening apparatus to use against Ace. Feeling "betrayed" by her foremost, Ace values her forces to propel the Joker into catatonic insanity and then disappears. At the Watchtower, Green Lantern revives and forces Hawkgirl to accept her sentiments as he admits his own - she eliminates her helmet to display him her face and they kiss.

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