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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Justice League VS AvengersThis is the three part episodes of the series and the last episode as well of the season 2. The Justice League is defending a seminar in Washington D.C. when an alien boat attacks. They are rapidly swamped but a fleet of boats reach and decimate the first ship. The newcomers are the Thanagarians, Hawkgirl's people. They assertion to be battling the Gordanians and desire to set up a force area to defend the planet, and that Hawkgirl has been their spy for five years.
The UN and the League acquiesce, but Batman's supposes a knack and numbers out the aliens on the striking boat were dead long ago. He sneaks up on the Thanagarian major boat and finds out their factual aims, but is knocked out. Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and J'onn strike but are beaten by the Thanagarians thanks to their sophisticated tools for fighting which they evolved founded on the data on the League's flaws, supplied by Hawkgirl. Green Lantern is the only one left standing, but is sucker-punched by...Hawkgirl.
On the other hand, Hawkmen conquer Earth and apply martial law. The League organizes to get away when Wonder Woman tricks her captor and frees her and the others. Weakened the League journey to Earth and are compelled to suppose their citizen persona to avoid detection. They try to make their way to the Batcave - Diana and Bruce are compelled to take refuge in a cafe by making up (??) to be a two of lovers, while the other ones organise to bypass a security clear with the help of Clark Kent.

Meanwhile Hawkgirl discovers her people's expert design - they are not going to use Earth as groundwork for their garrison, but rather decimate it to conceive a hyper barrier to genuine foes, the Gordanians. Shocked, Hawkgirl proceeds to the Batcave to alert the Leaguers, but the Thanagarians knew she would betray them and use a tracker on her to work out the League's location.

Hawkgirl's fiancé Hro Talok imprisons her after his lieutenant Kragger discloses that she betrayed the Thanagarians to the League. Hro drives a squad of hawkmen to arrest the League at the Batcave, but they fail. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern proceed into space to deactivate the force area defending the hyper barrier means, while J'onn, Flash, and Batman infiltrate the Watchtower after J'onn brain searches Kragger for the essential codes.

The first group gets into the groundwork and Wonder Woman frees Hawkgirl. Green Lantern battles Hro, who is defending the force area deactivation switch. GL's ring is decimated and he's awfully hurt before Hawkgirl intervenes, buying him sufficient time to knack Hro into decimating the force area defending the deactivation switch. Meanwhile, Batman tricks J'onn and Flash into departing the position, and then directs the Watchtower on a suicide run out of orbit to decimate the hyper barrier in the Gobi desert. Superman releases him at the last instant as Watchtower and hyper barrier are both destroyed. Hro instructions his men to goes away, since their designs are foiled and there is no farther cause to fight.

The League has a ballot to work out if Hawkgirl should stay a member. Before the conclusion is broadcast, Hawkgirl resigns voluntarily and departs, departing the League to rebuild from the ashes.
Please watch out for the upcoming season3 of this series....

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