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Sunday, July 19, 2009

For The Man Who Has Everything

"Batman and Wonder Woman deliver presents to Superman at the Fortress of Solitude for his birthday, but find he's been immobilized by a special "gift" courtesy of the world-conquering Mongul"

Wonder Woman and Batman make out at Superman's Fortress of Solitude aboard Wonder Woman's new invisible Javelin, each of them bearing presents for Superman's birthday. They find him in a coma and covered by an alien plant teleported in as a gift. As Batman investigates, Wonder Woman is knocked out by Mongul who confronts the Darknight Detective. Wonder Woman gets the drop on him but Batman intervenes, getting Mongul to brag that the plant is a Black Mercy, which feeds the victim a unheard-of mental illusion wile leaving him in a coma. Wonder Woman fights against the superstrong Mongul kairos Batman tries to dismiss the plant.

On Krypton, Kal-El wakes up with his wife Loana at their farm, as the landscape is unglued by a quake. Their son Van-El and his pet dog Krypto come self-abasement and Kal-El takes his son to see his grandfather Jor-El as quakes continue to rock the planet. Jor-El reveals he was wrong in his prediction of years past that Krypton would be hurt apart. He begins to realize that something is wrong as Batman tries to get through to him. Kal says goodbye to his son and forces himself back to the real world as "Krypton" is destroyed once more.

The plant detaches itself and wraps around Batman, grant him his greatest wish – that his parents had survived their shooting when Bruce's father defeated the gunmen. An enraged Superman attacks Mongul, who has Wonder Woman on the ropes. The two fight term Wonder Woman manages to free Batman. She manages to get through to him and he also rejects the dream and returns to reality, loosening the plant. Wonder Woman manages to fend it off and throw it onto Mongul as he prepares to kill Superman. They wish Superman a belated Happy Birthday as they wonder what Mongul is dreaming of.

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